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  • How WAR files are deployed

    Spring Team / Experts,
    Hyperic Admin console provides a feature to locate a WAR file and deploy into a target tc runtime environment.

    It seems to be working fine but taking lot of time to deploy a WAR file. The scenario exists as below
    • Hyperic Server is running on Machine #1.
    • WAR file is stored on Machine #2
    • TC runtime instance running on Machine #3 and #4 (They are grouped)

    I would like to understand what is the exact mechanism used to transfer the WAR file into target environment.

    Do you recommend any specific guidelines to improve the deploy time and efficiency.


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    I assume that machine 2 is also the machine on which you're accessing HQ using your Web browser.

    In such a case the following will happen to transfer the war file:
    1. The WAR file is uploaded from machine #2 to machine #1 using your web browser
    2. The WAR file is transferred to each machine in the group (machine #3 and machine #4 in this case)
    3. The WAR file is deployed to each instance on each machine in the group

    This processing isn't as parallelized as it could be and we'll be improving this in a forthcoming release.

    If it's an unchanged war file that you deploy quite regularly, you may want to copy it onto the machine that's hosting HQ (using scp, ftp, etc.). You can then use the remote deploy option, specifying the path of the WAR file on the machine hosting HQ, and eliminate step 1.


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      Thank you Andy for the explaination.

      Actually, in my scenario I was accessing HQ admin console from machine #5. does it add any other additional step in the above explained process.



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        How was machine 5 accessing the war file that's stored on machine 2? However that transfer's happening will add to the deployment time: the browser on machine 5 will need to read the file on machine 2 so that it can upload it to machine 1.


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          I am under "Deploy Application from Local Machine" option and selecting (via Browse button) the WAR from shared drive on machine #2.