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  • Simple Connection Pool Question

    According to the documentation, in order to use the "High-Concurrency JDBC Datasource" you're supposed to use the default factory:


    However, I think that my organization would like to take advantage of Oracle's proxied usernames capabilities, which requires that you set up the factory to:


    I assume that this means the High Concurrency and the Oracle proxied username capabilities are mutually exclusive, correct?



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    Hi B,

    Check this section of the 2.1 tcServer doc. Come back if you have more questions.

    4.8 Configuring an Oracle DataSource With Proxied Usernames

    - Dan


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      I had already read that page, however it doesn't mention anything regarding the conflict between using the Oracle Proxy and the High Concurrency datasource. I say that there is a conflict because this page:

      States that to use the High Concurrency datasource, you must set the factory attribute to "org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSourceFactory " in order to use the High Concurrency datasource. However on the page you listed:

      It specifically states to use the factory value "oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSourceFactory".

      So what i'm really trying to find out is: the only way to get the High Currency datasource support is to use the factory:


      If you use anything else, BasicDataSourceFactory, or Oracle's datasource factory (to get Proxy support), you must give up the High Concurrency feature of the container.

      Is statement correct?



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        B - I will check with eng. and get back asap.

        EDIT: B confirmed you are correct. It uses Oracle’s connection pool, since it is using Oracle specific functionality.
        While one could wrap the tomcat.JDBC pool around this, it would create unnecessary complexity, with little gain, as the main objective is to use proxied connections.
        Last edited by dcarwin; Dec 6th, 2010, 01:28 PM.