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  • Error trying to create TcSever instance (2.5.1.RELEASE)

    I have the latest release of STS-2.5.1 and am having trouble creating an instance of a tc server from the command line. Below is a dump of my error that I am seeing when running the create command

    ./ create foo
    Creating instance 'foo' ...
      Using separate layout
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.create.environment.StandardEnvironmentPropertiesPlaceholderHandler.resolveAndReplacePropertiesPlaceholders(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.create.environment.StandardEnvironmentApplicator.applyEnvironment(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.create.CreateCommandExecutor.applyEnvironment(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.create.CreateCommandExecutor.execute(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.create.CreateCommandExecutor.execute(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.internal.AbstractCommand.execute(
    	at com.springsource.tcruntime.instance.TcRuntimeInstance.main(

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    Anybody else seen this?


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      The only way that I can see that your problem would occur is if the base template is missing for some reason. Alongside the script you should have a directory named templates. The directory should contain a number of directories: one for each template in the installation. One of these directories should be named base. Here's what I've got in mine:

      > ls templates
      ajp             apr             apr-ssl         base            bio             bio-ssl         cluster-node    diagnostics     jmx-ssl         nio             nio-ssl
      What does the contents of your installation's templates directory look like?


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        There is no templates/base directory. Just to give you context (should have added to the original) that I am on a Mac and grabbed a Mac release. I looked on multiple machines and the base dir is missing in each of the three installs.



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          This is the directory listing that I get.
          ls templates/
          ajp		apr		apr-ssl		bio		bio-ssl		cluster-node	diagnostics	jmx-ssl		nio		nio-ssl


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            Thanks, Matt.

            I've just grabbed a tar.gz package of STS 2.5.1 for the Mac and I see the same problem: the base template's missing.

            I've opened an STS issue:

            It appears to be an STS packaging problem as the base template is in the zip as it should be if you download tc Server directly. You can grab it from which should let you get up and running till the STS packaging problem's resolved.

            Thanks for reporting the problem, and apologies for the inconvenience.