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  • problems with tcserver dev edition 2.0

    Hi, I have downloaded latest tc server, but I get always this message when I launch it.
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener
    but If I use latest tomcat I don't have this problem.

    I am using spring 2.5.

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    could you provide more information: what platform are you using, did you download the .zip file, or the tar.gz file etc. Also, are you trying this standalone, or through STS.



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      hi, I have downloaded .zip.
      I have picked insight.war, and I have put inside tomcat-6.0.25.A-RELEASE/webapps folder, and all jar inside lib folder.

      I have tried both, from cmd and from latest sts.


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        Try using the supplied spring-insight-instance

        The tc Server Developer kit comes with a pre-configured spring-insight-instance directory that you can use "as is" or better as a instance template.

        That instance directory has the insight.war in its webapps sub-directory. The lib directory includes three jar files necessary for Insight. (Based on your note, you must have found these already.) Also the conf sub-directory has some small changes necessary for Insight. The context.xml file contains three Insight specific entries. I'm not sure if there are any other conf changes.

        I've never tried putting Insight files directly into the tomcat-6.0.25.A-RELEASE like you mentioned. Perhaps you're missing the conf/context.xml change.


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          I can start tcserver without problems, I can see insight, all fine, but when I try to deploy my war application I get errors I mentioned before.


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            Let's try this again without modifying the tomcat distribution.

            I suggest we get the changes to the tomcat directory out of the picture. Let's restore the tomcat directory to its original state and try to deploy your application into the supplied instance or a copy of it.

            Unzip the developer kit again.

            Make yourself a new server instance directory, using the supplied instance as a template. The command would be (if using Windows):

            tcruntime-instance.bat -c -s myInstance -t spring-insight-instance

            Prepare the instance for your application as necessary. Copy any jars your application may need to the myInstance/lib directory. Update files in the conf/ directory as necessary.

            Start the server:

            tcruntime-ctl.bat myInstance run

            Check the logs to make sure they're clean.

            Deploy your app by copying it to the myInstance/webapps directory.

            Let us know if this helps!

            This link provides more install information:



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              I have a mistake in the command to create a new instance from an existing instance directory. After the -t switch you must specify the full path to the instance directory to be used as the template.

              Sorry about that.

              Also if you're going to use the spring-insight-instance directory as a template, then I recommend not ever starting a server instance with it. Otherwise the logs and work sub-directories, and maybe some others, get populated and carried forward into each newly created instance directory structure.

              Of course, you can always restore the template by unzipping the developer kit. ;-)


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                ok, I will try it.


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                  Following up

                  Any luck?



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                    when I can try it I will expose it.