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  • HTML traces are only seen, not Spring traces

    I deployed the Spring's petclinic application in Spring insight but upon checking it's traces, i am only seeing HTMLs. See example below:

    POST /petclinic/
    HTTP Summary
    POST /petclinic/ HTTP/1.1 HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Requested From
    Bytes Written 5995
    Requested Session
    Locale en_US
    Context /petclinic

    What i like to see are traces on how Spring handled, for example the request, like the one below. I got this when i look at the traces of the "insight" application itself.

    - GET /insight/
    - Spring Web Dispatch
    Spring Web Dispatch
    Request GET /insight/app

    * HomeController#index()

    * Resolve view "redirect:/applications"

    * Render view "/applications"
    View Render
    View Type org.springframework.web.servlet.view.RedirectView
    Content Type text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1
    Model {empty}

    Any help would be appreciated. I also add some attachments.


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    Each frame in the stack is associated with an operation in the application. When the frame in the stack is clicked on, the operation details open inside the stack. The HTTP details (headers, parameters, etc) are part of the operations for the first frame in every frame stack. Just click on the frame to open/collapse the operation details.

    I'm not sure this answered your question. The screenshots you posted both look normal. What is it you want to see?



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      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for answering my post. Looking at the attachment tcServer_petclinic.jpg, i am thinking that when i click for example, the trace "POST /petlinic/", i will be seeing something like Spring resolved and render the view for the request url of "". But, nothing was displayed. Only all the HTTP stuffs like the summary and request parameters. By the way, i am using WinXP here.



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        i added some screenshots here for comparison. If you will notice from the screenshot "spring_insight-traces.jpg", when i requested the URL /insight and i click it's trace, it shows Spring's activities behind the scenes. It shows the controller invoked and how it resolved and render the view.

        On the other screenshot, "spring_petclinic-traces.jpg", when i click the trace "GET /petclinic/", only HTML stuffs are displayed, no Spring-related ones like the one i got with the traces form the "insight" application from the "spring_insight-traces.jpg" screenshot.



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          Thanks for redoing the screen shots, the first set was cropped in a way that I couldn't see the issues.

          The instrumentation collected by Spring Insight is currently focused on annotated Spring MVC. We expanded the areas of instrumentation to also cover Spring MVC with the Controller interface with version 1.0.0.M2. I would recommend that you upgrade.

          The latest version of Spring Insight is available with STS 2.3.1.RELEASE.