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  • TC Server Remote Deployment

    What is the best way to remotely deploy a WAR file from an ANT script to TC Server? I know I can delete the WAR folder and drop another WAR file in a folder. I would like to stop and start an application as well. Is there a JMX way, I know Tomcat has a ANT Tasks.



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    hi Jay,
    you have multiple options.
    1. the Management Server and Agent with tcServer ship with a command line client. It would be easy to wrap an ant script around the tc command line client
    2. you can deploy the "manager" application and do it the Tomcat way
    3. You could write some tasks that talk JMX to the tcServer container directly



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      Hi Filip,

      Do you mind giving some info on step 1.

      I was searching ways to deploy apps. I see command line tool web server api. i don't see commands for deployment.

      Could you please pass url to download and command link..



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        Main URL

        what you are looking for


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          I have installed Hyperic HQ, since i could not find springsource AMS server /agent binaries.

          when i follow the link you gave..

          Downloading the tc Server Command-Line Interface

          You must download the tc Server command-line interface binaries onto each computer on which you want to run it, as described in the following procedure:


          On the computer on which you want to download and install the tc Server command-line interface, invoke the AMS administration console in a browser. See the Getting Started with the AMS Console link in the left frame of the Getting Started with tc Server guide for details.

          Click the Administration link at the top of the main AMS console page.

          In the Plugins section, click the tc Server Command-line Interface link.

          Click the link and save the ZIP file to a temporary directory on your computer.

          Unzip the file to the directory of your choice.

          The (Unix) and tcsadmin.bat (Windows) scripts are located in the springsource-ams-scripting-client-version/bin directory, where version refers to a version string, such as 2.0.0.RC3.

          I could not get In hyperic HQ, it is webservice API. but i dont see deployment commands for this..



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            You must download the tc Server evaluation in order to get AMS (which contains the tc Server plugin).

            Click the Download tc Server link at the top-right of the page -

            The current HQ release does not contain tc Server capabilities, the next release of tc Server will have the upgrade to HQ 4.x.

            Once you download the eval, you should be able to access the tc Server command line client.

            The client does not need to be downloaded to each machine. You can specify which server you wish to connect to, by the parameters you set.

            Those instructions will work fine, once you download the tc Server eval.