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  • Plugin error: Plugin class not found: com/ibm/CORBA/iiop/ObjectURL

    Long story short... Unable to monitor a tcServer instance in AMS server, as the agent complains with:
    org.hyperic.hq.appdef.shared.InvalidConfigException: Invalid configuration: Plugin error: Plugin class not found: com/ibm/CORBA/iiop/ObjectURL (invalid classpath or corrupt plugin jar)
    I found one reference to this online:

    It sounds like it is looking for a class bundled with the IBM JRE (in ibmorb.jar). I don't want to use the IBM JRE. I don't want to monitor my WebSphere instance with AMS agent/server -- I just want to be able to monitor a tcServer instance.


    (I initially wrote a longer, more detailed message, with what I think might be some valuable feedback, but your forum software timed out my login and it was lost into the void :P I'll have to think about reiterating it... )

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    Looks like a bug/conflict in the agent's plugins[1]. If you don't want to monitor WS, then easiest fix is to disable the WS plugin. Please edit the agent's config file:

    <agent home>/

    ...and add the following line:


    Then please bounce the agent and let us know how it goes.


    [1]This is a known issue fixed in later versions


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      It sounds like you have websphere installed on your box. It makes the assumption you are using IBM JVM.

      Since you do not want it websphere monitored, you can add the following to your file.



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        That did the trick! Thanks to both of you for the help, I really appreciate it.

        It made it so I was able to manage the tcServer instance in the AMS server GUI, but the error message remained. I had to drop the server from the AMS inventory, then re-add it in order to get the error message to go away.

        It would be nice if there was a reference to the full Agent docs (ie in the AMS document (