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  • STS tc Server tools w/ Spring Insight

    With tc Server I created a server instance using the Spring Insight template. I started it up from the command-line and deployed my application, and everything works fine....Spring Insight gives me a bunch of great info about my running application.

    I installed STS tc Server tools into Eclipse 3.4. I created a Server using the server adapter for SpringSource tc Server. I pointed it at the same server instance as above, and I deployed my application. Application runs fine, but Spring Insight doesn't show any telemetry data. :-(

    I shutdown Eclipse and started the server from the command-line, and the applications deploy fine. However there still isn't telemetry data.

    I repeated this process several times. It appears that the moment I startup a tc server instance from Eclipse, Spring Insight stops working correctly.

    Has anyone run into this?

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    Hi Neyde,
    You'll get more focus on this question in the Spring Application Performance forum, I've taken the liberty of copying this thread there. That's the forum the developer edition product page points you to, as well as the default ROOT context landing page in INSIGHT.


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      Thank you.


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        I had the same problem. I created a new instance, which worked (and showed data). I compared the two, and this is how I solved it: in eclipse, in the context.xml for the tc Server, I added

        className="com.springsource.metrics.collection.web .HttpRequestMetricCollectionValve" />

        loaderClass="com.springsource.tcserver.ltw.TomcatA spectJWeavingClassLoader"
        useSystemClassLoaderAsParent="false" />

        just before the closing </Context>. I think this "disappeared" when eclipse configured the server somehow.

        I've noticed that for changes in /Servers/ to take, I sometimes need to bring up the server config by double-clicking on the server in the Servers view, making a simple change (such as changing the port number) and saving. That seems to trigger a push of the config to the server, so you may have to do the same for your change to take.


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          Thanks Nancy. That's exactly the guidance I needed. I'll give it a try.