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  • tcserver stop from AMS Console does not stop the server


    I am trying to setup spring tc server for the first time. I was able to set it up according to the steps mentioned in the manual.

    I have a special need to stop the tc server for a while and then start from AMS Console. So I tried to execute "STOP" control in AMS Console, against the tcServer, I found JVM was restarted. Console shows me the following message

    jvm 8 |
    wrapper | JVM exited unexpectedly.
    wrapper | Launching a JVM...
    jvm 9 | Wrapper (Version 3.2.0)
    The behavior seemed similar to "RESTART" control in AMS Console.

    Is this a bug, or am I missing any configuration change. Is there a way to completely halt the JVM when "STOP" control form AMSConsole is executed.


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    Stopping Tomcat

    Hi. its not clear to me if the message in wrapper.log is actually related to the STOP action you performed.

    Can you do this
    1. Remove wrapper.log
    2. Call stop
    3. Check the output of wrapper.log

    AMS is supposed to call
    tcserver-ctl.bat stop in your instance bin directory, you can try this action too, to see if you get similar results.



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      tomcat stop

      Thanks for your quick response Filip.

      I did a change and it worked. Till now I was running the tc server as a foreground process and changed it to background demon process, and the stop is now halting the server JVM.

      STATUS | wrapper | 2009/06/18 16:44:49 | Stopping the SpringSource tcServer service...
      INFO | jvm 1 | 2009/06/18 16:44:51 | 2009-06-18 16:44:51,759 78560 INFO [org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.spring.GrailsWe bApplicationContext] (Thread-5 Closing org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.spring.GrailsWe [email protected]: display name [org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.spring.GrailsWe [email protected]]; startup date [Thu Jun 18 16:43:33 EDT 2009]; parent: [email protected]
      STATUS | wrapper | 2009/06/18 16:44:54 | <-- Wrapper Stopped
      INFO | wrapper | 2009/06/18 16:44:54 | Waiting to stop...
      STATUS | wrapper | 2009/06/18 16:44:55 | SpringSource tcServer stopped.
      Why should there be a difference in behaviour?


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        That makes sense.
        Foreground services are not meant to be managed by AMS. These are only valid while there is a desktop and there is someone at the screen.
        At this point, you'd simply use the start/stop script.

        What happens here is that the wrapper.exe in your foreground would be running, AMS comes in and calls wrapper.exe to stop the JVM, which it does, your wrapper.exe(in the foreground) will start up the JVM again, as a failsafe trigger.

        Running it in the foreground is a developer convenience method, so that you don't have to install a service, stop and start a service etc.