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  • tc Server 2.0.6 Now Available

    I'm pleased to announce that tc Server 2.0.6 is now available. This release contains a number of defect fixes and upgrades to the runtime to be based on Tomcat 6.0.32.

    The changes in the release are:

    ** Defect
    * [TCS-43] - JMX Listener overrides RMI hostname system property without notifying the user that it is doing so
    * [TCS-1256] - Update the jdbc-pool to to pickup
    * [TCS-1521] - Docs: tcsadmin config refers to .ams directory
    * [TCS-1593] - Misleading use of Optional in tcsadmin switch description
    * [TCS-1594] - timeout occured while waiting for the 'restart' to complete using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1595] - Cold deploy of the same app (without undeploying the previous version) is failing
    * [TCS-1597] - blank screen when trying to create Connectors/Hosts for service whose name having backward slash(\)
    * [TCS-1598] - Instance created with nio-ssl template fails to start on IBM JVM due to SunX509
    * [TCS-1616] - Restarting an instance foo that has been symlinked and started as bar fails on pid.
    * [TCS-1638] - NPE when trying to do cold deploy war from server using HQ
    * [TCS-1651] - tcsadmin CLI does not make sure that a customer is only deploying a war file like the UI.
    * [TCS-1652] - JMX connections between agent and tc Server instance are leaked during application management resulting in connection timeouts and, ultimately, application management stopping working altogether
    * [TCS-1674] - Not giving any error message to user when trying to cold deploy existing deployed war from local machine
    * [TCS-1675] - Not giving any error message to user when trying to cold deploy existing deployed war from server machine
    * [TCS-1677] - Clear-text database password visible via VisualVM
    * [TCS-1698] - Starting a tc server with a slash before the name causing problems when trying to restart later.
    * [TCS-1741] - "Unable to make a JMX connection" error message in HQ GUI when trying to do cold deploy from the local machine
    * [TCS-1767] - Using password obfuscation for jmx.password allows non-encoded password
    * [TCS-1768] - JDBC Pool's size can become corrupted (and reported as negative) when evictions are enabled leading to maxActive connections being exceeded
    * [TCS-1802] - Not able to restart server after jmx configuration change from HQ GUI

    Please see the tc Server Web pages for more information: