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  • tc Server 2.0.5 Now Available

    I'm pleased to announce that tc Server 2.0.5 is now available. This release contains a number of defect fixes, upgrades to the runtime to be based on Tomcat 6.0.29, and bundles Spring Insight 1.0.0.M3.SR02.

    The changes in the release are:

    ** Defect
    * [TCS-152] - Whitespace between jdbcInterceptors results in ClassNotFoundExceptions
    * [TCS-500] - Failed to execute the command "list-servers" when --platformname option is passed to tcsadmin.bat
    * [TCS-606] - Repeated changes to Server Config causes iframe to grow
    * [TCS-608] - Password incorrectly populated when creating a new Tomcat High Concurrency Data Source
    * [TCS-615] - Enabling the Security/SSL under General server configuration should force user to specify the keystore files
    * [TCS-616] - FileNotFoundException in the catalina.log should be improved when keystore file is missing when configuring "Security/SSL" for the server
    * [TCS-617] - blank screen when trying to view the created service whose name having a backward slash(\)
    * [TCS-622] - wrongly Interpreting the passed -n(instanceDir)option to the instance stop command
    * [TCS-674] - In-flight "stuck-request" diagnostic stomping on completed "slow-request" diagnostic
    * [TCS-676] - Warning message should be improved when user trying to restart server having view and modify permissions but no control permission for server resource types
    * [TCS-678] - "MemberDisappeard" verification occurs twice when primary server in a cluster is down
    * [TCS-740] - NPE during 24hour load test - Unable to perform replication request
    * [TCS-749] - Starting an already running application results in an empty message
    * [TCS-811] - Configure AprLifecycleListener from HQ
    * [TCS-834] - Error message for listing applications in a non-existent group contains "Error message: null"
    * [TCS-835] - Listing applications in a mixed group or in a group of resources other than tc Runtime instances does not fail gracefully
    * [TCS-943] - Cold deploying a war file in HQ hides the ROOT app
    * [TCS-949] - Agent upgrade via HQ server agent command uses agent bundle with no tc Server plugin.
    * [TCS-1098] - Deprecated oracle driver is used when create datasource from HQ
    * [TCS-1101] - Exceptions when starting server with tomcat connection pool configured via HQ
    * [TCS-1169] - Creating data source with slashes not stored in server.xml correctly
    * [TCS-1271] - docs: broken link to HQ install docs
    * [TCS-1321] - Intermittent "Application 'xyz.war' failed to deploy" error message in Hq GUI when performing cold deploy of war from local machine
    * [TCS-1323] - Backslashes not stored correctly when creating a service
    * [TCS-1396] - NPE when validating server.xml that contains two connectors with ports specified by properties that cannot be resolved
    * [TCS-1399] - Received empty screen when trying to cold deploy with instance shutdown
    * [TCS-1408] - When upgrading from 6.0.20.A/B to 2.0.x, modifyversion adds tc-runtime-threaddumpwrapper.jar to the classpath instead of threaddumpwrapper.jar
    * [TCS-1430] - Application Management does not handle the case where there is no tc Runtime host configured with the name "localhost"
    * [TCS-1437] - Deploying to a group with tc Server plugin with cold deploy option does not work
    * [TCS-1440] - Host name restrictions are not enforced
    * [TCS-1455] - Instances created using 6.0.19.A do not define ARCH in wrapper.conf, however using modify version in a 2.0.x installation to upgrade the instance adds classpath entries that reference %ARCH%
    * [TCS-1458] - Using a symlinked directory for an instance causes problems with the control actions in Hyperic
    * [TCS-1493] - Context not respected when cold deploying
    * [TCS-1523] - Could not execute JDBC batch update : when trying to add a dupicate tc runtime resource to group using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1524] - Configuring JVM_OPTS when existing does not contain CATALINA_OPTS variable removes setting of JVM_OPTS from the script
    * [TCS-1525] - Not able to use put-file command with --servername option using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1526] - console output can be improved when trying to add tc runtime resource to a non exists group using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1527] - console output reason is not in context when deploy-application failed using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1538] - Error message for invalid serverid when listing/setting java opts in tcsadmin is wrong
    * [TCS-1539] - error message can be improved when trying to execute get-file/put-file with an invalid serverid using tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1540] - Errror message for invalid groupid when using put-file can be improved in tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1541] - Can't set jvm options using tcsadmin with --servername
    * [TCS-1555] - Incorrect wording when deleting non-existent group in tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1556] - Errror message for invalid serverid when using list-applications can be improved in tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1564] - Error message for invalid groupname when using list/deploy/stop/start/reload/undeploy application can be improved in tcsadmin
    * [TCS-1565] - Invalid error message when trying to modify a nonexistent server by ID
    * [TCS-1566] - Wording mistake when reverting config for a non-existent server.

    Please see the tc Server Web pages for more information: