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  • tc Server 2.0.1 now available

    I'm pleased to announce that tc Server 2.0.1 is now available. This release contains a number of defect fixes, upgrades the runtime to be based on Tomcat 6.0.26, and bundles Spring Insight 1.0 M3 in the developer edition.

    The changes in the release are:

    ** Defect
    * [TCS-27] - --force succeeds even if instance is running (as detected by status)
    * [TCS-29] - The restart option is missing on Windows from the list of available options displayed when invoking tcserver-ctl.bat --help
    * [TCS-37] - Unhelpful error message when deploy runs out of space
    * [TCS-41] - Ordering of JDBC DataSources in the HQ UI is neither consistent nor predictable
    * [TCS-44] - Further regressions in JSP/EL processing in Tomcat 6.0.25 (upgrade to Tomcat 6.0.26)
    * [TCS-46] - Contrary to its help message, does not use the current working directory as default --instance-dir
    * [TCS-51] - Repeated modifications to tc Runtime instance configuration in management UI eventually overwrites which stops instance from starting
    * [TCS-56] - add-server command does not accept group id, only group name. This is not consistent
    * [TCS-57] - Using put-file in the CLI on Windows to administer a mixed OS group (Windows and Linux) breaks the Linux nodes as the back slashes used by Windows are not interpretted as directory delimiters
    * [TCS-58] - Management UI generates invalid Connector/SSL configuration in server.xml
    * [TCS-60] - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError when creating tcserver instance using java version "1.5.0" gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.3.2
    * [TCS-61] - if stopping, then undeploying an application via the UI runs into an error, there's no way to proceed to fix the error in the UI
    * [TCS-71] - Error message displayed on management dashboard when agent is running with non-Sun JRE
    * [TCS-72] - Starting an application across a group reports a failure if the application was already started on one or more runtime instances in the group
    * [TCS-76] - environment variables versus use of command line switches between tcruntime-ctl and tcruntime-instance is confusing.
    * [TCS-77] - New tc Server doc viewed through safari is missing the table formatting
    * [TCS-79] - Upgrade via tcruntime-instance script shows "... patching old wrapper.conf (please verify) ..."
    * [TCS-80] - catalina.home is pointing to old tomcat binary in HQ UI after upgrade from 6.0.20.C-->6.0.25.A
    * [TCS-81] - migration (upgrade) via -m option behaves differently than the base tcruntime-instance script with regards to the creation of tomcat.version file
    * [TCS-82] - An instance with a relative path for the install base, e.g. one created with -d ., causes endless looping on status and startup
    * [TCS-84] - Password is shown in plain text in the HQ UI when creating a new JDBC data source
    * [TCS-107] - When the hq agent is in unidirectional mode, we are unable to deploy war files.
    * [TCS-110] - Implement fix for CVE-2010-1157 vulnerability
    * [TCS-122] - tcServer 2.0 runtime is missing tomcat-dbcp.jar
    * [TCS-130] - JMX login succeeds if client knows to send null credentials
    * [TCS-135] - Views --> Server Configuration --> Push changes incorrectly leads to "Unsaved Changes" dialog box

    Please see the tc Server Web pages for more information: