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  • is possible that a end-state redirect to a view-state?

    Hi i have a problem.
    I want redirect the user on a view-state of the same flow, after the end-state.
    is possible? and how?

    this is my flow:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <flow xmlns=""


    <var name="attribute" class="it.cilab.uniba.recommender.model.Attribute"/>
    <var name="fse" class="it.cilab.uniba.recommender.model.FuzzySetEl ement"/>
    <var name="att" class="it.cilab.uniba.recommender.model.Attribute"/>
    <var name="att1" class="it.cilab.uniba.recommender.model.Attribute"/>

    <evaluate expression="attributeService.listAll()" result="att" />
    <evaluate expression="fuzzySetElementService.createEmpty()" result="fse"></evaluate>
    <evaluate expression="attributeService.getById(18)" result="att1"></evaluate>

    <view-state id="insertAttribute" view="insertAttribute" model="attribute">
    <binding property="idAttribute" required="true" />
    <binding property="name" required="true" />
    <transition on="confirm" to="insertfse" />

    <view-state id="insertfse" view="insertfuzzysetelement" model="fse">
    <binding property="attribute" required="true" converter="attribute" />
    <binding property="name" required="true"/>
    <transition on="otherfse" to="insertfse" bind="true" >
    <evaluate expression="persistenceContext.merge(fse)"/>
    <transition on="otheratt" to="insertAttribute" bind="false" />

    <end-state id="insertOK" commit="true" />
    i want that the <end-state id="insertOK" redirect to the view-state id="insertfse"

    how i can do it?

    thank you so much

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    Do you reach your endstate? I don't see any transition pointing to your endstate. If you don't even reach it you can also get rid of it.