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  • wht is the differnece between spring mvc and spring webflow

    hi to all ,
    plz tell the diffrence between spring mvc and spring webflow..... I am confused which one to implement in my application.
    In my application webflow is more suitable and easy to use in some situations , but in some situations like inserting data into database , getting data from database are more suitable to spring mvc.......

    plz tell the difference between spring mvc and spring webflow ..........

    thanks in advance

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    Spring MVC is a web MVC framework--that is, in the same space as Struts, WebWork etc. It is request-oriented, with a controller handling each request.

    Spring Web Flow is a higher level framework that models a flow as a first class citizen. This means it is ideally suited to applications with directed navigation models, such as wizard forms. It can also handle nested flows, and provides out-of-the-box handling for duplicate submits, back button etc.

    Both these approaches have value. For applications with a lot of free navigation the MVC approach is likely to be better; for applications with wizard-style navigation, such as complex forms, I'd recommend SWF.

    Keith Donald has done some excellent presentations on this subject. It would be good if he could put one of them online.


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      thanks for u ,
      but i need total information ragarding to this web flow, like spring mvc......



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        Sounds like you need to visit the SWF home page:

        There you will find a lot of stuff, like a Quick Start, a FAQ, and on-line presentations.

        Just to add to what Rod said: Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow are COMPLIMENTS. Spring MVC uses SWF as a very powerful controller technology, mainly for executing controlled navigations that drive business process workflows. These workflows may span only a single request or may be long-lived, spanning multipel requests into the server.



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          an example of a controlled navigation would be a shopping cart form.

          first step is to add items to the cart
          second step is to enter your user details. a sub flow for registration here would be useful
          third step is to add some shipping/billing addresses
          fourth step would be to enter the payment details (credit card, etc)
          finally process the order and return a receipt to the user

          an example of a free navigation would be general site wide navigation like

          Home, about us, products, services, contact where there is no correlation between the links or an order they need to be clicked in.