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  • binding incoming request params to the overall flow

    Hi there

    I am trying out webflow for the first time so I am assuming my question is either simple to answer or I am just not using webflow stuff properly ..

    in my scenarios my webflow starts with an incoming request which contains a bunch of parameters that need to be binded to a bean .. but i want to do that on the overall flow basis .. I dont want to assign this bean as a model on each view .. instead I want the data for this initial request to be available anywhere in the flow ..

    this is especially needed because even if I put in a bunch of query string params .. webflow apparently wipes them all out and resets the url .. so those params have to be saved somewhere and then continue to be saved throughout the scope of user visit ..

    my flow looks something like this
    <flow ...>
    <view-state id="index">
    <transition on="export" to="export" />
    <transition on="counts" to="counts" />

    what can i do to persist the incoming request params in flow scope ..

    I would appreciate any help

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    i tried this ..

    1. defined an action bean
    <bean id="reportRequestAction" class="org.springframework.webflow.action.FormActi on">
    <property name="formObjectClass" value="edu.mayo.miris.srs.model.ReportRequest" />
    <property name="propertyEditorRegistrar">
    <bean class="edu.mayo.miris.srs.spring.editors.PropertyE ditors" />

    2. and then in my flow xml file
    <evaluate expression="reportRequestAction.setupForm" />

    3. also i binded my index state to this action as model .. I have no idea what this will do because I really want this action bean to be available thorughout the flow .. but i am just trying out different things i guess to see if anything works
    <view-state id="index" model="reportRequestAction">

    and i ended up with this error
    org.springframework.core.convert.ConverterNotFound Exception: No converter found capable of converting from [org.springframework.webflow.execution.AnnotatedAct ion] to [java.lang.String]

    any ideas ???