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  • Basic transaction question

    Hi everyone,
    I just stumbled across SWF transactions and I wonder how you can use them.
    There are methods to start, end a transaction and to check wether a transaction is active or not. But I cannot see a way to commit or rollback a transaction. I know that continuations and transaction dont go well together<br />, so you cannot simply roll back to a snapshot. But without automatic rollback, SWF transactions look more like a convenience method to store a token in flowscope and check wether it exists or not. Maybe it is impossible to provide a general rollback mechanism out of the box. But maybe I missed something and SWF is really so powefull that I can use it to have database-like transactions for wizard-like forms.

    Can anyone give me a short a example (ok, not as short as the Itemlist in the SWF distribution ;-)) how to use transactions in SWF to commit and rollback changes made over several forms. Or at least tell me that this is not possible out of the box?
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    The SWF 'transaction' stuff is not intended for database like transactions where you commit and rollback. Like you indicate, it's basically used to do 'user application transaction management' with a synchronizer token, not ACID database transactions.