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  • Description attribute/element and portlet support


    I have to questions about Spring WebFlow:

    1. Would it be possible for you to add a "description" attribute or sub element to the "webflow" element? We are building a rather large application on SWF and we would like to be able to create a "catalog" with descriptions of the implemented flows. This could be implemented as an ant task which builds javadoc like docs.

    2. We want to deploy our flows as portlets and would like to test this as soon as possible. When will the portlet support be released with SWF? Is there already something in CVS that we can test?

    Thanks in advance


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    1) All elements in the SWF XML support 'properties' to describe them. At the Java code level they are AnnotatedObject's (

    So in the XML definition you could have:

    <webflow id="myFlow" start-state="someState">
       <property name="description" value="My First Flow"/>
    You're ofcourse free to select the property names you want.

    2) Portlet support is making it's return ASAP, as soon as Spring 1.3 RC1 is available a new SWF release will be made that reintroduces Portlet support. Hopefully this will be later this month!



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      This feature appears not to support lists in the following way:

      <property name="applicationTransactionParticipants">
      Is this accurate? Is there another less obvious way that I could simulate this capability?


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        The properties are basic String properties by default. So either you'll have to parse them yourself from a string representation, or you can use the type attribute with a custom Convertor:
        <property name="foo" type="java.util.ArrayList">
           <value>bar0, bar1</value>
        You then have to register a String->ArrayList convertor with the ConversionService.