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  • Spring Web Flow : Documentation

    Hi ..

    I recently started working on Spring WebFlow and hit too many hurdles after going thru the documentation available in Spring WebFlow Quick Start Tutorial. To solve some of the issues I had to go back to the APIs and see what was replaced with what and what was renamed. I could see some documentation on what features are provided by Spring WebFlow but at the same time I dont see what are the limitations with Spring WebFlow.

    Is there are any good documentation available just like the Java specifications for a technology which covers Spring Web Flow framework in its entirety ? The sample applications are good but at the same time it requires finding out details of implementation of sample application and compare it what I want to achieve in my application.

    Best regards
    Ashish Sarin

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    As you probably noticed the JavaDoc is extensive and there is quite a bit of general information on the Wiki home page. Except for the 'Practical Guide', the info on the Wiki should be pretty much up to date with the current API. The sample applications also illustrate a number of common use cases.

    We don't have a 'specification' document overviewing all features at the moment, but feel free to contribute!



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      a simple question

      In Spring the standard way to define any bean ( if i am not mistaken ) is to use <bean> tags. The form backing bean in Spring Web flow on the other hand is configured using a syntax like the following:

      <bean id="" class="">

      <property name="formObjectName" value="searchCriteria"/>
      <property name="formObjectClass" value=""/>
      <property name="formObjectScopeAsString" value="flow"/>
      <property name="validator">
      <bean class=""/>

      I dont define any <bean> tag for the McDonalds' form backing bean but I still get access to it in my SearchSubmitAction. Is this a deviation from the standard Spring *way* of configuring beans where a bean can only be configured using <bean> tags ?

      Best regards


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        Not really, e.g. the SimpleFormController does exactly the same thing (it has properties 'commandName' and 'commandClass').

        It's just that this use-case is a bit different: we want to configure the name of the bean in a particular scope (e.g. flow scope), and the type of the bean. We're not injecting a particular (prototype) bean into the action but instead we're configuring the action so that it can properly deal with that kind of form object bean.