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  • dynamic components broken with mojarra 2.1.16 and above - state saved twice

    Hi together,

    we have a problem with webflow 2.3.2 (and above and mojarra since 2.1.16)
    Problem is the following: since mojarra 2.1.16 they reset the statecontext after saving .

    Important lines are
        public Object saveView(FacesContext context) {
            saveDynamicActions(context, stateContext, stateMap);
    With this they fixed:
    So far so good:

    The problem is that that getViewState also saves the view, which sounds strange in itself.

        public String getViewState(FacesContext context) {
             * Mojarra 2: PartialRequestContextImpl.renderState() invokes this method during Ajax request rendering. We
             * overridde it to convert FlowSerializedView state to an array before calling the
             * ResponseStateManager.getViewState(), which in turn calls the ServerSideStateHelper and expects state to be an
             * array.
            Object state = saveView(context);
    Just after rendering where webflow already saved the state, and the statecontext is resetted, the state is saved normally,
        f    /**
         * Performs the standard duties of the JSF RENDER_RESPONSE phase.
        public void render() throws IOException {
            FacesContext facesContext = FlowFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
            if (facesContext.getResponseComplete()) {
            try {
                logger.debug("Asking faces lifecycle to render");
                facesLifecycle.render(facesContext); // here webflow already saves the state, and releases the statecontext with this call!
                /* Ensure serialized view state is always updated even if JSF didn't call StateManager.writeState(). */
                if (JsfRuntimeInformation.isAtLeastJsf20()) {
                    if (requestContext.getExternalContext().isAjaxRequest()) {
            } finally {
                logger.debug("View rendering complete");
    Result is that the view is saved twice.

    Because saveView releases the statecontext, the result is that all added dynamic actions are lost.
    Essentially this breaks the whole application for all dynamically added components, because at the second save, they are not available anymore, and so the saving loses all dynamic added components.
    For me this seems a problem in webflow, not mojarra. I also don't understand the javadoc above for the FlowViewStateManager why they are saving the state. Looks not correct for me to save state twice.

    Is this a bug and my problem understandable?
    I can try to create an example project, if needed.
    Can anyone give me some insight, and perphas an idea how to patch it in webflow?