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    I m moving from Spring web flow 1 to spring web flow 2. When i used webflow 1.0 the generated flow key was common for all states like "_flowExecutionKey=_cB991AE60-9F1A-C5D0-F745-0D817F5C0D39_k9364BE07-2413-78A7-3F6F-F0B8F226A40F" but while using the new version the executionkey generated is looks like e1s1 and changes for every state in the flow.

    I want to maintain a unique flowId through out my web flow to be unique like it used to be in spring web flow 1.0. Could you please let me know how can this be possible.

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    The same happens in webflow 1, the second part the _k part changes after every submit.

    The first part of the key is the flow instance, the second is the snapshot to use. This didn't change between both versions. Only the length of the key changed, the url is limited to 255 chars, with webflow1 64 of those where already taken by the flow execution key.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I checked the code and found that a single flowexecution key was maintained throughtout the flow as the servlet.xml contained the following statement in SWF 1.0

      <flow:executor id="flowExecutor" registry-ref="flowRegistry" repository-type="singlekey"/>

      But i m not able to do the same in spring webflow2.0 . as it says repository-type is a not a valid attribute.
      Could you please let me know what is its equivalent in SWF 2.0.


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        I also have same problem - why swf 2.0 not generating long flowExecutionKey as link swf 1.0 ??
        please help to sort out.. or suggest work around for it to generate long execution key