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  • A tiny problem with the new build mechanism

    I just tried to build webflow from CVS (to get the some of the fixes) and I got this error when invoking 'ant dist':

    Unable to find typedef antlib:fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant:resolve

    (ocurring in common-targets.xml, line 299)
    After some playing around I found that I need to copy the ivy jar that is actually part of the checkout of spring-projects (repository/jayasoft/ivy/jars subfolder), to ant's lib directory in order to make it work (with ant 1.6.2).
    Is there some way to directly use this ivy jar for the build process rather than requiring the user to copy this jar to Ant's lib folder (which might bring other trouble with other projects using ivy as the version in the repository folder does not seem to be a stable one and my guess is that you require some of its new/enhanced functionality ?)


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    Ivy must be in Ant's classpath. We require features/fixes in Ivy that aren't part of a point release yet.

    So there's not much we can do but speak to Xavier and his team and ask them to release Ivy 1.1.1 before RC1 (which we will do) :-)



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      Mhm, yes, though you could always use taskdef's ? :

      <taskdef name="ivy-retrieve" 
          <classpath refid="ivy-classpath"/>
      This I think would make it easier for people that for instance use IDEs (eg. they'd have to copy ivy to Eclipse's ant plugin folder, right ?) or where they are not able to change the environment because of limited user rights or the like.



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        Yes good point.

        I'm all for whatever is simplest for users here.

        That is a decision we have to make: do we ship Ivy and point to it, or do we assume it's part of the users environment (e.g. make it their responsibiltiy to install Ivy in ANT_HOME/lib).

        I've pointed Colin at this thread for consideration.