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  • Facelet taglib & webflow issue (caching?)

    I struggling with odd issue. I have a simple TestComponent, pseudocode:

    public class TestComponent extends UIOutput {
      public String propertyA .... setter .. getter
    public void encodeBegin {
      responsewriter.write (propertyA);
    This component is declared in <facelet-taglib> and placed in webflow view test.xhtml as

    <t:test propertyA="test1" />

    The problem is that when I open page for the first time, this component renders OK, but then I hit on refresh button (or go forward - back), setter of propertyA is not called at all and propertyA is null, so component does not work as it should.

    Is this an expected behaviour? If yes, than that is good practice to walk around this issue?

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    I think I've diged some facts that help to understand an issue. My xhtml included <h:form> tag, and when this tag is in xhtml, I'm having "caching" issues - not only describen above, but also do not switching language strings like #{msg['string1']}. It seems that when there are h: tags in xhtml, control tree is built only once.