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  • Upgrading from 1.xx to 2.xx - what are equivalent classes?

    Hi there,

    I'm currently trying to upgrade an application (roughly 40 v1 flows running alongside Spring MVC Controllers) to version 2, and have read the upgrade guide, and can get the webflow flow definition updater tool to convert my flows, but am still having 2 issues I can't figure out or find results here or in google, and thought you guys may be able to point me in the right direction.

    As part of our version 1 application, we wrote a FlowArgumentExtractor class which was user as a helper class in building our site navigation. This extended RequestParameterFlowExecutorArgumentHandler and used FlowDefinitionRedirect, both from the package to convert our own style urls into flow urls, and do some work appending query parameters.

    Secondly in another class we are using a and a org.springframework.webflow.execution.repository.FlowExecutionKey
    to extract the ID for the flow that the user is attempting to access. This could be either an executing flow that the user is actively participating in, or the attempt by a user to start execution of a flow.

    Part of the reason for these classes is that in the URLs we use the filename as the basis for the flow ID (e.g. "/flows/thing.html" yields the ID "thing-flow") - part of our application.

    Anyway my question to you is what in webflow v2 is equivalent to the classes in bold? I'm pretty stumped.
    • RequestParameterFlowExecutorArgumentHandler
    • FlowDefinitionRedirect
    • FlowExecutorArgumentHandler
    • FlowExecutionKey
    Hopefully once I get my upgrade rolling I can start a quick presentation on webflow 2 goodness and get all my fellow developers up to speed.

    Many thanks in advance and apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

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    Answering my own question

    deleting previous reply as I misread the changelog - still don't know what happened to RequestParameterFlowExecutorArgumentHandler.
    Last edited by alpower; Aug 10th, 2009, 05:22 AM. Reason: previous answer incorrect.