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  • Webflow + Spring MVC

    Hi I have a general question regarding how to integrate webflow into an
    existing app that uses Spring MVC.

    Let me describe a simple example:

    Say the application lets you add products. And that I already have a
    Spring MVC controller that does that ( AddProductController )

    Now I am extending the application and I have found that I come accross
    more complex flows and decide to use webflow. As an example lets
    assume that one of these flows is called ComplexFlow and that as part of
    this flow the user will be given the option of adding a new product.

    What I was wondering is if there is a way to leverage the code I already
    have in my AddProductController? And have people developed any
    usefull patterns that may help?


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    In this case I would probably advise to provide an alternative SWF based "AddProduct" or re-implement the existing one. The reason is that that way you will have full SWF power at your hands to do the AddProduct as a subflow of ComplexFlow.

    The reason why I advice this is that it would probably be more difficult to seamlessly integrate ComplexFlow and the original AddProduct controller. Calling "AddProduct" from the flow is simple, but jumping back into ComplexFlow on completion of the "AddProduct" is going to be tricky, probably more difficult than just reimplementing AddProduct using SWF.



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      What will happen , if

      l am in the middle of flowA's x state, then suddenly make a jump to flowB , will flowA end imediately ? what if l press back button if l want to jump back ....hihi ....just a quick question . l did not do my homework for this quick question ..hihi..

      l have thought about using SpringMVC with SWF b4 , but my first question was : what if l wanna jump back and forward between SpringMVC with SWF ? .....huh head said that : don't try , don't try .... it will cause l lot of unknown problems ...huh ....hihihi

      Or may be spring term give some examples to show how to use them both ...



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        Thanks klr8 for the info.
        That is what I was thinking. It will mean a little code duplication,
        but since all that my controllers tend to do is call a 1 or 2 business methods
        it is not a big deal (they dont have much logic in them. My form validation
        is done in javascript (and the business objects also validate any inputs it receives).