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  • Using SWF outside of a servlet container

    I am working on a project where we are planning to use SWF under a SOAP service that feeds a rich-client (Laszlo) front-end. Since the webflow subsystem is not initialized by a Spring dispatcher, we were planning to use a config file to load a hierarchy of web flows via an XML configuration like below:
    <flow-root context="config1.xml, config2.xml">
    	<flow id="flow1" factory="myFactoryBean1">
    	<flow-group id="group1" context="config3.xml">
    		<flow id="flow1" factory="myFactoryBean2">
    		<flow id="flow2" factory="myFactoryBean3">
    	<flow-group id="group2" context="config4.xml, config5.xml">
    		<flow id="flow1" factory="myFactoryBean4">
    		<flow id="flow2" factory="myFactoryBean5">
    With a custom FlowLocator, the manager would act like a flow registry that accesses flows based on incoming SOAP requests. For instance, I could make a request to the manager to execute "group1:flow2" which gets its context from the parent group context merged with the root context. Is there anything already written that does this? If not, would this be something useful in the SWF codebase? I am thinking that a custom dispatcher servlet could be created to load the manager so that it would work for web clients as well.


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    As far as I know, nothing like this 'flow manager' has been written yet. I'm not sure it would make sense in the SWF core codebase, but it could end up in the Spring modules or on the WIKI or something.