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  • Myfaces Trinidad SWF Sample App

    i've working on Spring Webflow 2.0.5 with Myfaces Trinidad and Facelets, after a few hours i have a little demo app that may help someone, it only shows the dependencies (pom.xml) and uses Trinidad PPR and SWF to show a dummy Partial Page Render webflow.

    Best Regards.

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    Nicolas, your example is very interesting.
    Is a long time that i need a solution for developing my web application but without success.
    I need to use a SWF+Tiles+Spring Facelets or other jsf implementations.
    I see that if you use Tiles is not possibile use Spring Facelets.
    Can you help me with an example or a possible solution ?
    Thanks a lot.


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      Thanks...I'm new to Spring SWF and MyFaces. Looking for some thing to get started. I was looking at sample booking-faces example...

      This looks attached zip seems the kind of thing I need to get started with a simple project. Could I get build.xml so that I could build and test the war in tomcat. I'm not familer with maven. I would really appreciate to get sample build script.


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        I was able to convert maven pom to build script using maven plugin for ant...but had problem in building webapp due to dependences:
        -- jstl1.2
        -- jobss-el
        - jface


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          I am really interested in having a look at this, but I don't seem to be able to build it.

          It doesnt help that I am unfamiliar with Maven, I have tried running 'mvn test' and 'mvn deploy' but both fail with the error:

          1 required artifact is missing.
          for artifact:
          from the specified remote repositories:
            central (
          I don't know if I am running the correct Maven target, or how to fix it, any pointers would be much appreciated.


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            Sample App does not work with Spring 2.0.9, apache MyFaces Trinidad 2 and Facelets

            I've tried to make the sample app with PRR work with the Spring 2.0.9, apache MyFaces Trinidad 2 and Facelets, but no luck. Any help/reference is appreciated


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              I would really appreciate to get sample build script.