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  • Using RichFaces data scroller and decoupling the DataModel

    I have an application which displays pages of data from a large data set using the RichFaces DataTable component. The scrolling functionality is done using the associated DataScroller component. As the data set is large, I need to have the data read in as required - i.e. the whole data set isn't held in memory.

    To set up the data model for these components, I can use two approaches:
    1. Use RichFaces' ExtendedDataModel, implement the data fetching in the model implementation and have the scroller automatically handle the paging, or
    2. Use the usual Faces DataModel, (like the PagedListDataModel from Cagatay Civici) and do the data fetching in the web flow as Ajax transitions.

    Option (1) requires me to link the data fetching directly into the model object, something I'd prefer to avoid. It does have the nice property of having all the paging work directly with the RichFaces data scroller.

    Option (2) is attractive since the data model object is a simple data holder, and it will work with both the RichFaces data table and any other data table. However, I can't quite see how the RichFaces data scroller could be linked up to drive the actions in the web flow.

    Has anyone done this with RichFaces and Spring Web Flow? I'm stumped.

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    Has anyone used a datascroller with SWF where a data model is for a large data set which isn't entirely held in memory? I can see heaps of MVC examples where pagination over a large data set is done with next/last etc. handled by SWF actions, but nothing where a datascroller is involved.

    Ideally I'd like datascroller to initiate a SWF action to fetch the appropriate page data. But how to do this?


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      Sorry for bringing this old thread to top. But I am having exactly the same problem. Did you find a solution?


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        I know this is a spring forum, and the questions probably should be asked on the richfaces site...

        but I came up with a pretty elegant solution to this...

        check it out...