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  • Urls in subflows.

    I've got some subflows that use GET to submit information in links. This means that I've hardcoded the URLs into the views and I can no longer use these subflows as a part of another flow that will have a different URL. Is there any way around this?

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    I'm a little confused. Flows aren't tied to a URL in an way--a flow controller is, but that's just a entry point to one or more flows. And you can have a single FlowController for your entire app--no one says you need one per top-level flow.

    The fact a flow is used as a subflow within one flow execution is transparent to clients. This is how a single "Flow" definition can be embedded into any other flow, or used as a top-level flow.


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      Consider if you had the following URL in a JSP view-state within a subflow:


      Now, if I wanted to use this same flow in wizard2, I'd be out of luck.


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        That's not true though - what flow you're in is determined by the _flowExecutionId - not the request URL.

        So you could have wizard1.html?flowExecutionId=<whatever>&eventId=<w hatever> and actually be in a wizard2 flow or some other flow entirely (or a subflow) --- which is one reason we recommend to use one flow controller for the app when possible.

        I may be still missing what you're getting at...



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          Oh, okay, that makes total sense now. I was hung up on thinking that the URL would have to stay the same throughout the entire process; I'm not sure why. Thanks a bunch for the quick and helpful responses to both of my questions.