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  • Spring Web Flow 2.0.3 Released

    Dear Spring Community,

    We are pleased to announced that Spring Web Flow 2.0.3 is now available.

    Download | Documentation | Changelog | Getting Started

    This release closes the gaps identified since the general release of Web Flow 2.0.0, particularly in the area of MVC data binding, and addresses a number of bugs reported against 2.0.2. Version 2.0.3 is the best release of Spring Web Flow yet and is fit for production use in Java 1.4 and Spring 2.5.4 or > environments. We recommend all Web Flow users upgrade to 2.0.3 from previous releases.

    Of notable interest in this release include the following new features and improvements:

    New Features

    A new view-state <binder> element, which allows model bindings to be configured explicitly per view (SWF-568). This allows you to restrict the allowed field->model bindings. It also allows you to register a custom type Converter per field by referring to it by its identifier; e.g. "shortDate". In addition, you can set basic binding value constraints such as required=true. See the 'Views' section of the reference documentation for more information and the Spring Travel booking-mvc sample for an example.

    The ability to disable model validation per transition by setting validate="false". This allows enabling binding but disabling validation; useful when going back between pages. See the 'Views' section of the reference documentation for more information.

    A new flavor of the Spring Travel referenced application built to run as a set of OSGi bundles on the SpringSource Application Platform in a PAR deployment unit. Access spring-webflow-samples/platform-spring-travel to review and build the sample.

    You can now use Spring's own DataBinder for form data binding; as an alternative to OGNL or Unified EL for the view layer. This allows you to take advantage of the unique features of Spring MVC's DataBinder such as the ability to apply type conversion to elements of a generic collection. To do this, set the "useSpringBeanBinding" property to true on a custom MvcViewFactoryCreator instance. See the Config section of the reference documentation for how to install a custom ViewFactoryCreator.


    Unified the "Formatter" and "Convert" subsystems into a single "Convert" system for type conversion as requested by the community. This unified type conversion system is now used consistently throughout Web Flow, including for data binding by the view. We also simplified the Converter API to make it easier to implement custom converters, including TwoWayConverters. See the example converters in org.springframework.binding.convert.converters package for Converter reference implementations. To plug in your own custom converters, register a custom ConversionService. Custom converters will be usable immediately throughout the system, and can be aliased e.g. "shortDate". See the Config section of the reference documentation for how to install a custom ConversionService, and the booking-mvc sample for an example. NOTE: those users extending the type conversion system in previous 2.0.x releases will likely need to update their extensions to use the improved system in 2.0.3.

    Added several improvements to the documentation. Added coverage of action-states and decision-states (SWF-721). Also added converage of the new view-state binder element.

    Added support for rendering .jspx views selected by a flow in a Spring MVC environment (SWF-793).

    Error responses returned as the result of handling an Ajax request are now displayed in an error popup dialog by default (SWF-783).

    Made the eventId request parameter configurable in a Spring MVC environment (SWF-731).

    The announcement for this release will run Monday covering the new features and improvements in more detail. Thanks very much for your feedback to-date on the 2.0.x release line! We hope you enjoy putting 2.0.3 to work in your own applications -

    Last edited by Keith Donald; Jul 31st, 2008, 04:51 PM.

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    Password protected files inside

    I cannot unzip this file. I get a popup message that says File 'search' is password protected. I got the same message while trying to unzip the ws file.

    I can't find any evidence of instructions for how to handle this.

    I am puzzled why this forum is not clogged with people with the same problem. Is no one downloading this file?


    • #3
      I am not having any trouble unarchiving the release file located at What environment are you attempting to unzip this file in, and with what unzip program? Where are you obtaining the file?



      • #4
        Downloading using Firefox 3. Saved file, using Windows XP Extraction Wizard.

        Files demanding passwords:



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          And there are few .java files:,,,,,,


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            I have successfully tested unzipping the archive using StuffIt Expander on Mac, BetterZip on Mac, the standard unix unzip command line program, Windows Explorer on XP, and the
            Windows XP Extraction Wizard. I am unable to reproduce this.

            Can anyone else confirm an extraction problem in a Windows environment?

            You might also want to try the release zip at SourceForge in case there was some sort of download problem for you at our server. The zip published at sourceforge is available here:

            Last edited by Keith Donald; Aug 2nd, 2008, 10:22 AM.


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              Mac unzip worked

              OK, I can certainly move the files from my Mac. Odd. Sometimes Windows frustrates.


              • #8
                Use of ResourceServlet in Webflow

                Is my suspicion correct that the ResourceServlet can only serve .js and .css files and not for example .jsp, .htm or .json files ?


                • #9
                  New release not found in any of Maven 2 repositories.

                  Has new release already been deployed to any of the Maven 2 repository? I did not found it in any if them.


                  • #10
                    Release in Maven Repository Now

                    It appears that the release is now in the Maven repository.

                    - Philip


                    • #11
                      Password protected files in the release


                      I'm having the same problem trying to unzip the release - it's telling me that files samples, springtravel, hotel, search, impl are password protected. I'm using windows xp pro and the windows compressed folders extraction wizard. Was there a solution other than to use a mac?



                      • #12
                        Please use some other archive extractor for Windows. Winzip, 7-zip, etc. We tested on the Windows extraction wizard as well and had no problems - I do not know why it is effecting some and not others.



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                          &lt;binding property required=true question

                          For fields that I require on the front-end I have the required set to true for each binding property. I find that it is very handy that out of the box if that property isn't populated it instantly gives an error message to the user saying
                          "required on" whatever field name.

                          Does anyone know how to set this so this message comes from my file? I cannot figure out what the message key should be to get this to be picked up.



                          • #14
                            Problem with archive

                            I had similar trouble unzipping this file using Extractor Wizard on Windows XP. No difference using sourceforge. Tried with unzip in cygwin and it expanded fine.


                            • #15
                              Online Example bug

                              I think there is a slight bug in the online examples, if i go to:-


                              Then click on "Start your Spring Travel experience"

                              Then click login , and login as keith/melbourne, I get a 404. But clicking the back button shows that I have loged in as keith.


                              type Status report

                              message /swf-booking-faces/spring/WEB-INF/flows/main.xhtml

                              description The requested resource (/swf-booking-faces/spring/WEB-INF/flows/main.xhtml) is not available.