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  • Menus and Web Flow

    How would you handle menus in Web Flow?
    Here is a use case: A side menu appears in all pages of the application. When user clicks a given menu item, a web flow in launched. When the user is participating in the web flow, the menu is still available. User has the ability to exit the current flow by clicking on one of the menu items. What's the best way to instruct the web flow to end the current flow? Defining <end-state> for each menu item doesn't make much sense, as that would require updating the flows each time you add a menu item. Any suggestions?

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    What I'd done in an application is have all menu events trigger the same event (e.g. "menuNavigation"), and have a parameter passed along which indicates which menu item was clicked. Then you can have a global transition in subflows to go to a "menuNavigation" end-state, and a global transition in the top-level flow to respond to the "menuNavigation" event and look at the parameter to determine where to go.


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      I know this thread is already a couple of months old, but I would need a little help on how to implement this.

      I started thinking about it a couple of days ago, and I thought I should have a main flow to handle navigation events and a template with an abstract flow which will be the parent for all my flows (which will be subflows of the main flow) and which will implement at least on global transition to an end state to exit the current flow and return to the previous flow.

      The idea is good, the problem I have is that some of my flows can call some other flows as subflows and so when I want to start another flow from the menu I think I need to terminate the current flows before starting the new one. That means That I have to send the current flow to the end state, then if the calling flow is not the main flow I have to send it to the end state as well, and continue like this till I reach the main flow where I should start the new flow.

      The questions are:
      What happens if I just start the new flow (with a global transition or something) and forget about the current running flows and subflows, if any?
      How could I end all the running flows and subflows to return to the main flow if I really need to do it?

      Any help will be appreciated.