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  • flowExecutionKey?

    I remember 1.0 had this variable you could insert once you started your flow and it would essentially be your form action. Does this still exist? I'd like to execute it manually, and have less jsp tags in general. Maybe I should just download the release later today...

    The reason I'd like to use the expression variable is because these days I find myself sticking *a lot* closer to html and unobstrusive Javascript development.but obviously I still need to hook into the framework somehow.

    It'd be helpful to have a 2.0 version of JSP integration in the docs. Oh and congrats on the release!


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    It does exist, though now the param name is "execution". So you could have


    You can also use


    which will give you both the servlet path to the flow (since with SWF 2.0 you would generally have a unique servlet path for each flow) and also the execution=${flowExecutionUrl} part. You still have to add the event yourself manually. Here is an example:

    <a href="${flowExecutionUrl}&_eventId=cancelCheckout" >[cancel checkout]</a>

    Hope that helps.


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      ${flowExecutionUrl} is working (shows the correct flowExecutionKey) but the ${flowExecutionKey} does not show up any value!?

      Working example usage:
      <h:outputLink value="${flowExecutionUrl}&amp;_eventId=myId">flowExecutionUrl usage</h:outputLink>
      Not working usage:
      <h:outputLink value="my-flow?execution=${flowExecutionKey}&amp;_eventId=myId">flowExecutionKey usage</h:outputLink>
      I'm using spring-webflow-2.0.2.CI-488.

      Any suggestions?

      - Peter


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        That's right, ${flowExecutionKey} doesn't have a value, it's ${execution} as Willie mentioned by default in 2.0. Why can't you just rely on the ${flowExecutionUrl} form which includes the execution key?



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          Thanks for the quick reply Keith.

          Originally posted by Keith Donald View Post
          That's right, ${flowExecutionKey} doesn't have a value, it's ${execution} as Willie mentioned by default in 2.0.
          I have understood that Willie has just mentioned not to use

          and I have also not read that this value is null (based on his post ).

          Originally posted by Keith Donald View Post
          Why can't you just rely on the ${flowExecutionUrl} form which includes the execution key?
          I'm just looking what possibilities exist.....

          - Peter


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            execution=#{flowExecutionContext.key} should work; in general, though, I'd prefer sticking with the #{flowExecutionUrl} form for simplicity.



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              Thx for additional clarification.

              - Peter


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                execution coming empty


                I'm using JSF + SWF(2.0.5) for my app. I'm having a similar problem here too.
                I have an starting page where i have a link that points to my flow.

                <h:outputLink value="browsedetails?execution=${flowExecutionUrl}&amp;id=spawn;">Start</h:outputLink>
                However when the link is formed it shows empty value for the execution and hence on clicking on it i get a
                Badly formatted flow execution key '', the expected format is 'The string-encoded flow execution key is required' exception.

                I've tried using execution=#{flowExecutionContext.key} and #{flowExecutionUrl} also.

                Not sure why it doesn't get populated.
                Also I manually changed the execution to some value and it called my java method for <on render>. However the id that i passed as also came up as empty in my method.

                <evaluate expression="Search.getlist(" result="flowScope.list" />

                Just found out that if in my page i have a form, and then if i use execution=${flowExecutionContext.key}; i get the value for it. Also i get the id passed to my method.
                I guess that make sense but any way i can do it without a form??
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