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  • how i can handle this: user clicks many times in a link

    Hello guys

    i have a flow process where in some jsp/state, to forward to other state the user must do click in some link, the problem is that for test purpose we use a simple machine like server
    the user see a delay in the request process , so it proceed to make more clicks (thinking that it would be make the request more fast)
    , so i recieve an exception i cant remember

    how i can handle this?

    thanks in advanced

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    Howabout disabling the link after click?


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      Howabout disabling the link after click?
      i cant, the link came from a menu for the app

      i prefer handle the exception
      the exception i cant remember, coz, some friend delete the log file



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        This is the general solution with Spring, an exception resolver. If a Spring Web Flow exception NoSuchFlowExcecutionException is thrown it displays the jsp flowException.jsp in my WEB-INF/views/jsp/error directory:
            <beans:bean id="exceptionResolver" class="org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.SimpleMappingExceptionResolver">
                <beans:property name="exceptionMappings">
                        <beans:prop key="org.springframework.webflow.execution.repository.NoSuchFlowExecutionException">
        Make sure the full class name is correct for the exception you're getting.


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          Hello lumpynose

          thanks for the reply

          your suggestion seems nice, but i have a doubt,
          it would be thrown why ny flow in my app, so
          if i go to the jsp error, i need a way back to the previous view-state in some flow
          i dont know if when the exception NoSuchFlowExecutionException when is caught
          the flow is terminated

          only i see

          Thrown when the flow execution with the persistent identifier provided could not be found. This could occur if the execution has been removed from the repository and a client still has a handle to the key.
          thanks in advanced


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            Yes, the exception way is not as nice as one might like.


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              Hi dr_pompeii,

              As far as I know swf is designed to handle the double submit, when a state is reached and start its treatment it's locked and a new flow execution key is computed to make sure that any "double request" (holding the hold key) is not elligble for going on the flow.

              So could you me more exact on the exception you get when double click occurs.