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  • redirectOnPause question?

    	<flow:executor id="flowExecutor" registry-ref="flowRegistry">
    		<flow:repository type="continuation" />
    			<flow:alwaysRedirectOnPause value="true" />
    It works, PRG pattern is applied, no warning about post data when refreshing the page, a 302 is send.
    Although the url is missleading, its always one step behind the one which it should be - it this correct?

    URL: default.xml

    Navigating results in default.xml?_flowExecutionKey=....

    But shouldn't it be the name of the new "view" - which is list.xml=?_...
    More a cosmetic questions, as it works. Something i've missed?


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    You're using JSF, right? This is more an annoyance inherent to JSF than to SWF. You will find the same issue with standard JSF navigation. Theoretically though, when SWF does its redirect it has the opportunity to "fix" the URL as another value-add for JSF. Keith did some prototyping of this and talked of potentially including this feature in SWF 1.1.

    Check out his last comment here for a possible way to implement this with the current release through extending RequestParameterFlowExecutorArgumentExtractor:



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      Yeah i know this happens at JSF using forwards.
      Using redirects, URL is displayed correct - so i wondered

      But thx for the link, i'll take a look at it.