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  • Unable to continue (go to next page) but dont see any errors either

    I have 3 pages that I am using to test, play, and learn about spring webflow. I have the following in my x-flow.xml:

    <view-state id="ownerinfo" view="ownerinformation">
    		<action bean="formAction" method="setupForm"/>
    	<transition on="next" to="homeinfo">
    		<action bean="formAction" method="bindAndValidate"/>	
    		<bean-action bean="sync" method="saveFormDataToWidget">
    				<argument expression="flowScope.formData"/>			
    			<method-result name="results"/>
    If I remove the boled bean-action, I am able to move along to the next page in the flow. With it I keep getting sent back to the same page the validator class is not causing the issue (its not checking anything currently). I have defined "sync" in my x-flow-beans.xml like so:

    <bean id="sync" class="com.xactsites.producty.web.WidgetSynchronizer" />
    "saveFormDataToWidget" looks like:

    public boolean saveFormDataToWidget(FormData formData)
    	System.out.println("formdata: " + formData + " to: ");
    	return true;
    This println gets printed out over and over when I try to move along in the flow. But again I am not forwarded to the next page (homeinfo). I am probably getting some error or something right? Why can I see any stacktraces in the logs? Is there a debug option I can enable to more closely follow what is going on?

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    Hi there,

    Are you using log4j?
    If not this is a very good tool to help you find out what is going wrong.



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      Originally posted by Mister_Lie View Post
      Are you using log4j?
      Yes. I switched in logger and still no errors in the logs. Sorry maybe I wasn't clear enough. I can get logs, I just don't see any errors telling me why I cannot move the next page. Am I not providing enough info...I realize this seems like a lame problem...I just can't figure it out.


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        There must be some reason why either your "sync" or bindAndValidate action are failing. As a result, the transition rolls back and your flow re-enters the source state.

        You could put a breakpoint in your debugger in the ActionTransitionCriteria.test() method to find out more.