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  • Good Beginner Web Flow Tutorial

    Does anyone out there know of a good simple (and complete) web flow tutorial. I'm a swf newbie, but have experience with spring mvc and other frameworks.


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    I'm working on updating the SWF Practical guide ( to match SWF 1.0 final. That should be a good starting point for most users.

    If you read it now (i.e. the version that still covers the old Ervacon Spring Web Flow), keep in mind that the concepts are still the same but the technical details are very different. Still, it could be usefull to read the article and try to match it with the phonebook sample that comes with SWF 1.0 final. Feel free to ask questions on this forum if you have problems!



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      How about anything with the most recent technical details?


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        I would recommend reading the reference manual, and as you read studying the Phonebook sample. Phonebook illustrates most core features discussed in the manual.



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          Yeah but the Phone book example leaves a lot out. It says there are a few jars that you need, but never says where to get them. They are not in the download you link to (at least they aren't named what the phone book example says they are).

          For a "beginners" guide you should have a step-by-step tutorial, not something that skips a lot and uses short names for things. I have never used it before and have no clue where some of this goes. A simple step-by-step example would help people get started.


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            Yes.. like Spring MVC step-by-step document. That was very helpful.


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              Originally posted by danielDD View Post
              Yes.. like Spring MVC step-by-step document. That was very helpful.
              It only needs to be step-by-step for the most basic project. All I need to know is how to get the most basic project up and working and then I can look at examples like the Phonebook one. It isn't a naval idea, every product has something like this. I am sure Spring does as well, but I just don't know where to find it.
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                See tutorials for tutorials. See templates for project templates used in getting started tutorials.

                These will be officially advertised soon.



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                  File > New > Other > SpringSource Tool Suite > Template Project >

                  Here the dropdown shows the following options

                  1. Shared Library Bundle Project
                  2. Shared Service Bundle Project
                  3. Shared Service WAR

                  but I don't see the option "Web Flow Project" mentioned in the tutorial


                  Open STS and access File -> New -> Other... -> SpringSource Tool Suite -> Template Project. Select "Web Flow Project" and enter helloworld for your project name.
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                    I have the same issue of Web Flow Project not showing up in the template.

                    Actually in my win2000 machine I did not see it.
                    When I installed the same on my winxp machine I see it..

                    Any idea why?


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                      Spring WebFlow opacity

                      I'm trying to get a simple SWF app up and running.
                      I've read SIA Ch 15 (no code examples available), looked at the reference documentation, I've followed the links above (many of which are now broken), I've googled for tutorials.

                      I can find nothing that gives me a simple HelloWorld SWF app that actually seems to work. I understand the (not difficult) principles behind SWF but there seem to be so many configuration and non-backwards compatibility issues to trip one up, making what should be a no-brainer exercise (getting to the starting line) unbelievably tedious.

                      Could someone kindly point me to the starting line ie a simple SWF app for a given version of SWF with a self-contained and working POM please?


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                        This looks fairly official and recent...


                        Give it a try, I'd be interested to know if these work better for you than they did for me. I at least could see swf-booking-mvc working.


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                          Thanks, I came across this before but ignored it as they seem to be pre-built WARS - it's code example I'd like to see, not a working app per sec.

                          This morning I tried the examples associated with v 1.0.6 of SWF after a very simple (working) SWF of mine failed as soon as I added in an action-state:

                          <start-state idref="search" />

                          <action-state id="search"> <action bean="searchAction" />
                          <transition on="success" to="name" />

                          <view-state id="name" view="nameForm">
                          <transition on="submit" to="address">

                          with 'searchAction' defined as a bean that implements org.springframework.webflow.execution.Action

                          Got: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: No actions were executed, thus I cannot execute any state transition -- programmer configuration error; make sure you add at least one action to this state's action list ..."

                          So at this point (I still don't really see how anything this simple can fail, presumably I'm doing something stupid but it escapes me at the moment) I turned to the 1.0.6 examples (which are non Maven) andcopied them across to a working version (ie without the above action-state) and got exactly the same error, leaving me none the wiser.

                          If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong (other than trying to use SWF!) please shed some light.


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                            Did you notice the lower half of that page where you can download and build the samples from code?

                            Can't comment on your problem but SWF 2 has been out for years now, perhaps that would be better for trying it out...


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                              No I didn't spot that, but I already have downloaded the examples for SWF, versions 1 and 2, most of which don't seem to run for a variety of reasons.

                              Today I tried SWF 2 with some success at last. I'm still no clearer why my SWF 1 example fails but I think I'll give up on that and stick with SWF 2 - I was reluctant to try SWF2 initially because I read somewhere that it needs Spring 3 - but that doesn't appear to be the case.

                              Many thanks for your suggestions though.