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  • <flow:executor ..., <flow:listener ../> in JSF can not work.

    I am using SWF + JSF, in the refrence and samples, the solution that to add an executionListener via:
    <flow:executor id="flowExecutor" registry-ref="flowDefinitionLocator" repository-type="singlekey">
                <flow:listener ref="flowViewNavigationExecutionListener" criteria="*"/>
    I found it couldn't work, the reason is FlowNavigationHandler never use the executor to execute flow. instead, it use FlowExecutionImpl that created by FlowFacesUtils.getExecutionFactory(). and in FlowFacesUtils.getExecutionFactory(), it lookup the FlowExecutionFactory in spring IOC configration via the key of "flowExecutionFactory", and it looks like to composite the repository-type need diffrent way with flow:executor, I don't know how to config my repository type strategy to "singlekey".
    so, if I want to add some execution Listeners, I need to write the down of code in applicaption config:
        <bean id="flowExecutionFactory" class="org.springframework.webflow.engine.impl.FlowExecutionImplFactory">
        	<property name="executionListenerLoader" ref="simpleFlowExecutionListenerLoader"></property>
    	<bean name="simpleFlowExecutionListenerLoader" class="org.springframework.webflow.execution.factory.StaticFlowExecutionListenerLoader" scope="singleton">
    				<ref bean="flowViewNavigationExecutionListener"/>
    but I have no way to composite the repository type strategy .

    who can give me some advice?
    Thanks very much.
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    Can any one help me?


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      The JSF integration does not use the flow executor at all, it fits in executor service logic across JSF Phase Listener methods. More information can be found here:

      You can customize the various services the listeners delegate to, including the repository and the execution factory by deploying beans into your root context with specific bean names. See FlowFacesUtils for those names.