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  • Error in pom.xml for SWT

    The pom has dependencies to spring framework 2.0 m5.. That's not the latest version and I guess it works just as well with 2.0 rc1.

    I don't know who's uploaded the pom.xml, but you should be careful when refering specific versions of spring, because once you have uploaded a pom.xml for a specific version of SWT, you can't change it unless you change the version number of SWT.

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    Actually I Uploaded the POM

    When I was working on the POM I debated pointing it at the Spring 2.0 RC1 jars. However, if you take a look at the SWF 1.0 RC2 release, the Spring 2.0 M5 jars are the ones that are shipped with the release and were tested against. It'd be nice to say that there weren't many changes between M5 and RC1, but Fisheye tells us that there 98 changes between the releases and that's too much to point at without shipping and testing. As soon as SWF points at the Spring 2.0 RC1 jars (really probably 2.0 RC2 soon) and we test the release against those jars, we'll update the next version of the POM to point at them.

    The good news is that we expect that soon.


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      1.0 RC2 was tested against 1.2.8 & 2.0 m5.

      1.0 RC3 was tested against 1.2.8 & 2.0 rc1, though I believe 2.0 m5 actually shipped in the release zip local repository to support sample building.

      Are you talking about the RC2 POM or RC3 POM? I would expct SWF 1.0 RC3's pom to depend on 2.0 RC1.



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        The pom that I am referring to is the rc3 pom.

        I guess there will be a problem with the dependency between SWF and the framework in the future as well. If SWF 1.0 is released before Spring Framework 2.0, how will that be handled?
        Will there be a new version of SWF when Spring Framework 2.0 is released?