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    I'm using WebFlow and SiteMesh for decorating pages and everything is all looking good.
    However, I've now started added error/info messages to pages and am doing this within WebFlow by adding messages to MessageContext and then accessing them from JSPs.
    If I access the messages from the JSP being decorated it works fine but if I try to access the messages in the exact same way from the decorator JSP (which I need to do) it doesn't find them.

    Is there an obvious reason why this would be the case?

    Just doing a toString on the messageContext in the JSP gives slightly different results;

    In the decorated JSP;
    [[email protected] sourceMessages = map[[null] -> list[[empty]]]]
    In the decorator JSP;
    [[email protected] sourceMessages = map[[empty]]]
    And on adding messages the change is only seen in the decorated JSP (the list is no longer empty but contains the messages).
    Any ideas why the messageContext in the decorator JSP just has an empty map that is never populated with the messages?
    The decoration is done in the servlet (response) filter so maybe we no longer have access to some Spring data at this point?
    Are there some SWF objects that I won't be able to use in a decorator?

    Thanks for any help/pointers ...