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  • webflow submit does nothing, how to debug

    I have a project using the following:

    webflow 2.0.8
    java 7

    The page has a somewhat complex binding setup, but the flow structure looks like this:

    	<view-state id="coverages" view="tiles.common.quote.and.bind" model="rtrForm">
    			<evaluate expression="coverageFormAction.setupForm" />
    		<transition on="submit" to="decisionForward">
    			<evaluate expression="coverageFormAction.bindAndValidate" />
    			<evaluate expression="mainFlowAction.executeChooseCoverages(rtrForm)" />
    		<transition on="back" to="driverDecisionBack" validate="false" bind="false" />
    	<decision-state id="decisionForward">
    		<if test="decisionFlowAction.isAdditionalInfoNeeded(rtrForm)" then="vehicles" else="drivers" />

    On the page, there are a bunch of drop downs that bind to the backing form:

    HTML Code:
    <select name="coverageForm.policyLevelCoverages.losuse" id="losuse"  validate="selectOneOption" req="">
    <select name="coverageForm.vehicleLevelCoverages[0].speceq" id="speceq"  validate="selectOneOption" req="">
    The backing form looks like this:

    public class CoverageForm {
        private CoverageFormVO policyLevelCoverages = new CoverageFormVO();
        private List<CoverageFormVO> vehicleLevelCoverages = new ArrayList<CoverageFormVO>();
       ... // getters/setters here
    The back button works perfectly but the submit button does nothing and it's a pattern I've copied from page to page in the flow, so I'm fairly certain there aren't many discrepancies.

    The List of vehicleLevelCoverages is the same size as the number of vehicles. I've put debug statements in just about everyone of my methods so I know none of them are getting called. I've added a FlowExecutionListener and it shows nothing for the submit.

    What else can I do to debug this? Is there anything I can override that will tell me why the submit does nothing?

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    I think i've figured it out, thanks for looking though!