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  • Do I need hidden buttons for each transition in Spring WebFlow2 on my form?

    Do I need hidden buttons for each transition in Spring WebFlow2 on my form?

    I am starting to not like Spring WebFlow2 if this is true. Someone is telling me I need a hidden button for each transition I would like my form to have. Example If I have a form with a submit and reset I understand I should use two buttons.

    But if I have a form that needs to kick off a transition to load some data on the form do I really need a button for each transition type? I would found this crazy but is it true?

    He is my store. I have a form that the user starts to fill out and once the user clicks on a radio button I need to load a number of schools into a dropdown for the user to pick. The only way I found to do this is to use javascript and a hidden button to kick off the loadschool transition type. example:
    <INPUT  value="Load Schools" type="submit" name="_eventId_loadSchools" style="visibility:hidden">
    Is this the best way?
    Is this the only way?
    Do I really need a button for each transition?

    My Flow:
    <view-state id="SchoolVisitReport" view="SchoolVisitReport.jsp" model="visit" >
        		<transition on="submit" to="addVisit">
        			<evaluate expression="flowActions.validateVisit(visit, messageContext)"/>
        		<transition on="loadSchools" to="SchoolVisitReport" >
        			<evaluate expression="flowActions.initializeSelectableSchools(visit)" result="flowScope.selectableSchools"/>
      		<transition on="cancel" to="endState" bind="false"/>
    My JavaScript:
    function loadSchools(strBorough)
    	alert("Loading Schools for borough " + strBorough);;
    My Radio Buttons:
    <form:radiobutton tabIndex="9" onchange='loadSchools();'  value="B" path="borough" />Bronx-X<BR>
    <form:radiobutton tabIndex="10" onchange='loadSchools();' value="K" path="borough" />Kings-K<BR>
    <form:radiobutton tabIndex="11" onchange='loadSchools();' value="M" path="borough" />Man.-M<BR>
    So can someone please tell me if I am doing this the right and best way with webflow2.. thanks

    I also tried the following but nothing got submitted:

    <script type="text/javascript">
       Spring.addDecoration(new Spring.AjaxEventDecoration({
              elementId : "borough",
              formId : "visit",
               event : "onChange",
               params : {
                         _eventId : "loadSchools",
                          fragments : "body"}
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