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  • webflow and tiles

    I am new to webflow, can anybody please assist me in configuring webflow with tiles?

    I have a scenario in my application. Like, i have a search page in which after search, the individual should be able to save the search result to his profile. If the user is not logged in and he tries to save, the login page should pop up and after logging in, the control should return to the search result page. And if he's already logged in, the result should be directly saved.

    Can anybody help me on this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi everyone,
    Few clues to help to solve the problem:

    When it comes to generating .js links to resources, JSF behavior is wrong. JSF tries to access the following link:

    http://localhost:8080/${context_path}/${flow_name}/javax.faces.resource/jsf.js?ln=javax.faces This gives 404 back. I had to hard-code the following link in the template to get some of the ajax support:

    http://localhost:8080/${context-path}/javax.faces.resource/jsf.js.faces?ln=javax.faces (I found this link after switching the web-flow off and investigating the source code of plain JSF processed page)

    I assume, that the configuration of JSF is correct. If I drop the webflow from the processing chain, everything works as expected. Links are OK, re-rendering of the component is OK

    If I expose my services as @ManagedBean (JSF native approach) and don't use Spring backed beans re-rendering works fine, but I'm not able to interact with webflow and flow scoped variables (web-flow doesn't see native @ManagedBeans) and still I have to use the hard-coded links.

    I don't have any Spring resource servlet / filter. I don't use urlRewrite rules to forward to my flows.