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  • Using REST URL's with path variables along with Web Flow

    My web application uses REST-style URLs with path variables. This has worked very well for the app and its design. I am unable to figure out how to map a Flow when there is a path variable in the URL. For example, with MVC, it is very easy to map the URLs /account, /account/123, and /account/123/edit but as soon as I need to use flow, things get complicated. For example, if /account/123/my-flow should be the URL, I cannot figure out how to get it to execute. I would like the base "/account/123" to remain there so that the account # can be extracted from the path. The problem is the current context of the request.

    The user is first shown a list of accounts in a grid. Each account has an HREF URI such as "account/123" and "account/125". If they click on it, it properly will show the account details of account #125. Any subsequent links on that page add to that base URI. So, if there is a relative link to edit that account, its HREF is just "edit", so when the user clicks it, it will be "account/123/edit". If the link refers to a flow, the only way I can get it to fire is to have the link show: "../my-flow?acct=123". That is breaks the pattern of all the other pages. I really want it to remain relative and just specify "my-flow".

    How do I do this? I need to define the flow so it is "account/*/my-flow". Any help is appreciated.