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  • PrimeFaces 3.X does not work with Spring Webflow

    Have a look at this thread, and this google code issue on

    I'm thinking this is actually a bug with PrimeFaces, but the PrimeFaces lead is pushing me back to Spring WebFlow, and inexplicably won't look at the sample code, insisting it is for Spring to fix.

    The attached samples are reasonable attempts to update the booking-faces example to PrimeFaces 3.1. The most conservative one updates just PrimeFaces to 3.1, others update SWF, SS, JSF, etc to their latest production versions, or snapshots. For completeness, I've also included a patch to FlowFacesContext in the most advanced of the test cases.

    The uploader here doesn't allow files large enough for one compressed test case (e.g. the compressed original booking-faces or larger). They are at the google code issue. I was able to attach a summary of the test cases here: Attachment .

    All these stack combinations work with PrimeFaces 2.2.1, but all fail with any PrimeFaces 3.X, with the FlowContext getting stepped on. All the fail cases fail in the same way, so pick any of them.

    Am I missing something? Glad to do whatever would be helpful here. Please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Attached Files

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    Rereading this now, I see I should have explained what the actual "test" was: just navigate to the "list hotels" screen, and see the paginator fail because the FlowContext has been stepped on. This is reflected in exceptions in the log.

    To set a testcase up, download, untar, and execute mvn clean jetty:run. Testcases are here. The patches are relative to the original booking-faces example, and are just for reference.



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      I"ve not gotten much in the way of discussion on this, so I have simply entered a compatability defect on the Spring Jira. The test cases, related threads, and corresponding defect entry on the Prime Faces Google Code issue tracker are all there in one place.



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        For upgrading from Primefaces 2.21 to 3.2, the key step is to remove

        [page="#{searchCrtieria.currentPage}"] in reviewHotels.xhtml.

        See my post here: