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  • FlowExecutionSnapshotGroup not retrieving snapshots for custom ConversationRepository

    Related with the post Where I described I wrote a custom ConversationManager, I have an issue with webflow not being able to retrieve snapshots from the snapshot group. The reason is in SimpleFlowExecutionSnapshotGroup's getSnapshot method:

    	public FlowExecutionSnapshot getSnapshot(Serializable snapshotId) throws SnapshotNotFoundException {
    		FlowExecutionSnapshot snapshot = (FlowExecutionSnapshot) snapshots.get(snapshotId);
    		if (snapshot == null) {
    			throw new SnapshotNotFoundException(snapshotId);
    		return snapshot;
    Serializable snapshotId real type is Integer, while the snapshots map has string keys, causing snapshots.get(snapshotId) to return nothing.

    Any thoughts?

    Last edited by marcovmx; Feb 14th, 2012, 06:45 PM.

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    Hello again

    I have the same issue. I didn't touch the snapshots area at all, no custom code in there just webflow and I ran into this as well.

    I found a post that shows how to inject a custom repo. This is how I plan to fix this issue and possibly the messagesMemento area if I can from here as well and any new ones...

    Is this what you did? - Added a custom repo to fix this?

    Why isn't this working out of the box. Isn't anyone else using snapshots? Or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance!