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  • FlowExecution Repository in Spring web Flow 2.3

    Am wondering whether Spring web flow 2.3 supports the simple flow execution repository if at all? Cos, am not able to get that Single Key flow Execution repository configured.
    <webflow:flow-executor id="flowExecutor">
    	<webflow:flow-execution-repository ref= "repositoryFactory"/>
    There is no ref attribute available for the second line above. And type = simple does not seem to be available too...what should I do - please help...

    Am i missing anything? Is it that we have continuation flow execution repository only in later versions?

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    Hi, flow execution repositories types are not longer supported in webflow 2.3 the reason is unknown at least for me, you can have a look to my post . What you can do is to write your custom FlowExcecution or easier than that a custom ConversationManager, depends on your needs.


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      Thanks marcovmx. I remember having read that the ClientcontinuationFlowExecutionRepository is no longer supported in 2.3. But I dont see anything anywhere (either online or in the spring SWF documentation) stating that the Simple or SingleKeyFlowExecutionRepositories are no longer supported...this is wierd..or I should be missing something...!!! Even spring web flow version 2 books state that they exist (though I have not seen Web flow version 2.3 books -- :-()

      Thanks a lot for your response..As suggested by you, I shall go ahead with customized implementations.


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        I think you're looking for something like this:

        <webflow:flow-executor id="flowExecutor" flow-registry="flowRegistry">
            <webflow:flow-execution-repository max-executions="1" max-execution-snapshots="1" />


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          Did anyone resolve this? According to what I was able to gather this is marked resolved in SWF-759, but this only covers the ConversationManager piece not the Repository.


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            It would be very helpful to be able to inject a custom repo as in SWF 1. Below is a sample:

                     conversation-manager = "customConversationManager"
                     max-executions = "5"
                     max-execution-snapshots = "3"
                     type = "customFlowExecutionRepository"/>