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  • Books for spring 3.0 +

    Hi i am sai kalyan .
    I am new to spring technology.
    I want some books and materials with good examples to understand spring.
    Please suggest me.

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    First of all you should get the Spring Framework documentation for the version you plan to use. Here's a link to the Spring 3.06 version. Even if you read a great book, you still need to know relevant parts of the documentation.

    My primary choice
    If you buy one book, you should get "Spring in Practice" by Willie Wheeler, John Wheeler, and Joshua White. IMHO it's way ahead as the authors supply both practical examples — that so far have worked too — and the authors also explain them really well. They also covers the many aspects of the different Spring frameworks, like "Spring Web Flow". I own several Spring 3 books but nothing made me get Spring better than this title.

    Spring in Practice is out in March, but is already available as MEAP (Manning Early Access Program). If you're learning Spring this is a great title.

    Secondary choices
    If you do get another book, it's harder to have a clear number two, but the 1000+ pages of "Spring Recipes 2nd edition" does have some good stuff, though I sometimes feel the Spring 3 updates to the old code from the previous version does occasionally feel only half baked. Clear examples though that does take some work to put to use. There's also "Spring in Action, Third Edition" which I had great hopes for when I got it last year, but though it's a good read I didn't feel it helped as much as I had hoped.

    Spring Roo
    If you at all feel you want to learn Spring 3 the Spring Roo way you should also check out the two titles "Roo in Action" currently available as MEAP (focuses on the current Roo 1.2 version) and the Roo 1.1 Cookbook.
    Roo is the path I took last year, but I'm not certain it was the best choice as I have had to "convert" all the other book examples to the "Roo way" (which works very nice with the SiP examples for some reason). I do think perhaps it's easier or at least faster to learn Spring 3 from Spring in Practice and then look at Roo. Just a thought.

    Web Flow
    For learning Web Flow specifically check out my earlier post Best low cost way to learn Spring Web Flow2 for some ideas, though there I'm waiting for some better material for SWF 2. The Web Flow 2 chapter in Spring in Practice is what I'm reading today actually and it looks great, as expected
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