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  • Thread safety and Web Flow Actions

    I know the Flow itself is thread safe, but is it enough to explicitly make my Actions Session-scoped to tie the scope to the flow life-cycle? Or do I have to go further and synchronize methods, or make use of immutability and not maintain state for instance?

    I would like to read something about this, but there doesn't seem to be much in the documentation, nor my Spring books. Any suggestions on sources and/or the best patterns for Spring thread safety?

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    Do you have another way ?


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      I'm not sure what you're asking with "Another way"?

      I suppose what I'm asking is concerning when the developer can leave thread handling to the framework and when one need to implement it yourself and if so, what patterns are good ones? These seem to be natural questions, though I haven't seen them explicitly addressed.


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        Actions should be threadsafe

        I think Action classes should be coded to be thread-safe, since by default beans are going to be singletons. If they are not thread-safe, bean definition should reflect prototype.