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  • Spring Web Flow & Vaadin


    Is possible to integrate Spring Web Flow with Vaadin? Any thread to read about it?


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    I just did a simple research on Google and not good results available.

    Try to do the same question in vaadin home page


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      I would investigate using Vaadin with Spring MVC as Web Flow can easily be integrated with Spring MVC. From what I understand Vaadin works with Spring MVC too. I've just recently been made aware of Vaadin so this is just an investigation idea.
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        Hi MiB!

        I think the same! I have one "helloWorld" with SWF and JSF and I think that to do the integration beetween SWF with Vaadin we need to configure filters in the web.xml for the Spring MVC Servlet.


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          Well one way see how it can be done would possibly be to make a spring roo 1.1.5 app, add web mvc with some pages — verify the project and commit it to your versioning system — and then add web flow —verify again and again commit it to your versioning system — finally add vaadin with the roo add-on (which doesn't support Roo 1.2 yet). I assume the default web flow views wouldn't incorporate vaadin, but I guess they can be remodeled after the vaadin pages.

          You could then analyze the final setup versus the spring roo app with just web flow to learn the basics of adding Vaadin. I learnt a lot about adding Web Flow to a Spring 3 app this way. Or, there could be some material online that describes this kind of setup better.

          The Web Flow setup in Roo is very basic, so there's a lot of work to do even after it has been added. I'm not sure about the Vaadin plugin.
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            Since Spring Web Flow is tightly coupled to servlet/jsp request/response model our company has not bean able to integrate it with Vaadin.

            But we have started from scratch and implemented our own solution Lexaden Web Flow that solves the most painful for Vaadin problems:
            - How to minimize memory leaks in application when all application state is stored in session?
            - How to update different parts of Vaadin interface? How to specify page navigation rules and manage navigation?
            - How to ensure modularity and code reuse? How to encourage loose coupling approach?
            - How to externalize application business processes and make them adjustable by non-programmers?

            Also there is Enterprise Sampler showing how to build up enterprise Vaadin applications step by step