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  • When Should I Measure HttpSession Size

    Can someone tell me at what point in the flow it would be the best time to measure (or attempt to measure) the size the HttpSession?

    What I'm doing now is roughly this:

    <view-state id="myID" view="/WEB-INF/somePage.xhtml" model="someBean">
    		<!-- Measure HttpSession Size-->
    		<evaluate expression="loginAction.entryEvent(flowRequestContext,domainContext)" />
    		<!-- Measure HttpSession Size-->
    		<evaluate expression="loginAction.renderEvent(flowRequestContext,domainContext,'start')" />
    		<!-- Do a bunch of other things here -->
    		<!-- Measure HttpSession Size (Right now this is the final place I see I can measure the size... is this the right place??? -->			
    		<evaluate expression="loginAction.renderEvent(flowRequestContext,domainContext,'end')" />
    	<!-- Bunch of transition items here.....-->	
    		<!-- I don't ever see this called -->
    		<evaluate expression="loginAction.exitEvent(flowRequestContext,domainContext)" />
    Would I get the most accurate measure of HttpSession size at the end of <on-render> or should I measure elsewhere?

    Thanks a lot!

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    First make sure that the app's session timeout value is set to reasonable instead of the default value. Once you are sure, you can go with HttpSession size measurement.


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      I am setting a timeout value...
      I guess what I meant to say is that I want to know at what point in time in the spring flows the HttpSession is populated with all the data that it will be populated with while we wait for user input. That is the point I want to measure the size of HttpSession.