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  • Is Spring Social LinkedIn ever going to be GA release?

    It would appear that the spring social linkedin module is way behind the other spring social ones. The last release was way back in Feb 2012

    Also the versioning for spring social linkedin looks wrong. The 1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT looks to be the currently worked on version based on timestamps in this dir:
    BUT in the next version 1.0.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT in dir is pretty old.

    Very confusing (at least for me).

    We want to use all the spring social modules but they are in such a slow release cycle and poor documentation on that the hell is happening in these projects we are on the verge of ditching it all and writing our own.
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    First, to address the version numbers: Spring Social LinkedIn 1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT is the most current version. The 1.0.1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT was a build that was made by mistake (and once the mistake was discovered, it was never built again...that's why it has an older timestamp).

    As for whether it will be GA: Yes! Absolutely! It's definitely in the plan!

    Granted, the LinkedIn module has taken a backseat to the other Spring Social modules, but it's definitely in the plans to go GA with it. I am hesitant to put any specific dates on it at this time, but my plan is for another milestone to be cut *very* soon and I hope for a GA release in the next few months.

    Why the delay? Put simply, other priorities have taken precedence. All else being equal, I'd have completed this a long time ago. But all things are not equal and reality has kept other priorities higher. That hasn't changed and reality is still posing challenges. But I'm pushing as hard as I can to bring this to a release ASAP while not sacrificing quality. Hang will happen. You may have noticed that the Spring Social bug list was recently cut in half in one day and there has been a lot of other movement in other Spring Social modules as well. That's all part of the grander plan.

    That said, this is open source and we do encourage *social coding*. Any contributions you can make to the effort will go a *LONG* way toward getting this in GA. Testing the existing code, reporting defects, submitting pull requests...anything that makes it more solid will be appreciated.


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      It's not a GA release, and it won't be *officially* announced until Monday, but...since you asked about it...

      Spring Social LinkedIn 1.0.0.RC2 is now available in the SpringSource milestone repository. This is only a step or two away from a GA release. Please feel free to try it out and report any bugs you find to